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After 20+ years in San Francisco real estate, as a partner and a broker of record at Marker Luxury Properties (“MarkerLux”), Jeff Marples oversees, manages, and mentors junior realtors.

We know every nook and cranny of San Francisco. We offer our valuable experiences, knowhow, and services for customers who are a good fit for our services. We first ask qualifying questions to evaluate compatibility, and then about your needs and wants.

We have intimate knowledge about houses and condos in all the neighborhoods of San Francisco, including but not limited to Marina, Russian Hill, Pacific Heights, Cow Hollow, Nob Hill, North Beach, the Financial District, South Beach, Mission Bay, Dogpatch, South of Market (“SOMA”), Inner Mission, Castro, Noe Valley, Cole Valley, Haight Ashbury, North of Panhandle (“NOPA”), Sunset, West Portal, Sir Francis Wood, Richmond, Sea Cliff, Laurel Village, Jordan Park, and other areas.

We seldom represent both the buyer and seller in the same transaction for ethical reasons.

We are proactive: we guide buyers and sellers to get ready for upgrading or purchasing next level properties, whether you are ready in a couple of months or in a few years.

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Jeff Marples & family, ready to sell homes and San Francisco condo. Jeff Marples, San Francisco residential real estate broker, 20 years experience.

Jeff Marples,
Managing Broker & Partner

Values and Beliefs

I believe in the ripple effect, that one kind gesture can multiply. Patience, peace, and love will support anyone who believes in the greater good.

I love my family, wife, and kids, who fill me up during the challenges of life. I want to spend my life making others live better.

When I exit this world, I’d like to be remembered as a man who supported others throughout his life, was humble and caring, lived his life with love.

I know what it is like to feel unsupported, thanks to my undiagnosed learning disability as a boy. Giving people the gift of feeling supported, cared for, and uplifted is what I am passionate about.

The Blessings from a childhood learning disability

As a kid, I had undiagnosed mild dyslexia resulting in reading difficulties. When it was diagnosed in 6th grade, I was driven to prove myself with an intense desire to overcome this disability, that led to graduating from a prestigious private high school, then from a university.

This turns out to have blessed my life in many ways, such as:

  • Compassion: Growing up with the pain of being judged, often unfairly, made me connect with people without judgment, care about them, and have their backs. Humility and authenticity have always played a big part in building relationships.
  • Drive: Before I was diagnosed, my reading disability misled teachers to believe that I was “below average”. The drive to prove myself was innate and lifelong. Striving for excellence has made me far above an ordinary agent. With tenacity, persistence, and fortitude, I always do the best with what I have to work with.
  • Dependability: My learning disability in my childhood made me thirst for friendship, and I became gifted with empathy and social skills, – all contributing to being an outstanding broker in helping many achieve their goals in home ownership.
  • Out-of-the-Box Thinking: Creative problem-solving is another blessing for analyzing problems, finding clarity, and creating solutions.

Work and Life

For my clients, I have their backs. I’m in it to win it.

I transform fear-driven “what ifs…” into creative resolutions. I use analytical skills to work out frustrations and defuse issues, sometimes with humor and levity.

I have helped many homeowners.  I am grateful for their trust.

Most people find me fun to be around. I love hiking and finding peace in nature. Classic cars and auto racing are my hobbies.

I delight in sharing my compassion, humor, and love of life with everyone who crosses my path.

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Our TeamWe support, care for, uplift our clients

Meet our team - Together, we leverage each other’s strengths, in buying or selling condos and single family homes. We customize our service for each client, in a professional and personable manner.

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