Above and beyond buying or selling a home,
protecting a client’s best interest is our top priority.

Whether you are a seller or a buyer, we share with you our vast knowledge and data, to find the best fit for your price range, neighborhood preference, lifestyle, etc. We provide you with options for houses, condos or townhouses, TICs (tenancy in common) or co-ops (stock cooperative), and even investment properties (duplex, triplex, multi-unit) – all based on YOUR goals, needs, and wants.

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For Buyers

Finding the best fitting for you

San Francisco has over 100 different neighborhoods. The city offers a variety of lifestyles, for young couples, families, and singles.

“Service over salesmanship” is not just a slogan. Looking out for your best interest is first and foremost. We are privileged to be your trusted advisors, to help with such an important decision in your life.

We are here to support your home-owning journey every step of the way, from initially researching properties, to giving experienced inspection tips, to negotiation strategies, … we offer personalized service, uniquely customized for your needs.

Relationship Based on
Mutual Respect.

San Francisco has a diverse and vibrant culture. We celebrate people of all walks of life.

“As a father of three teenagers, I am humbled to realize my role modeling effects on them, in building character, integrity, and values”, says Jeff Marples, managing broker.

We treat everyone with respect, and we expect the same.

For Sellers

Experience makes all the difference, and we have plenty.

We simplify the selling process and make it as effortless for you as possible, whether you are moving for better school districts, or are retired and downsizing, or relocating due to jobs, or looking for a better home for remote working, or investing in real estate as part of your investment strategies…

With almost 100 years of combined experience and our vast database, we know how to get your home or condo in front of the right buyer, at the right time, for the best price. We handle all the details.

During negotiations, we leave no stone unturned to find all the leverage available, to get you the best terms.

“You get what you pay for.” Discount brokerages claim to “save” you on a certain percentage of commission, but you don’t know how much you may have lost, which may far exceed what you “saved”.

Experience matters a lot: You get better value for your property that can be WAY more than half a percent of commissions. Salary-based, inexperienced agents (“greenhorns”) cannot navigate the complexities in each unique situation. Putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, especially  with hidden problems, takes years of experience and is not for discounted greenhorns.

When selling a valuable asset such as your real estate property, the stakes are too high for inexperienced agents.

Preparing Home for Sale

With our own network of contractors, painters, handymen, flooring professionals, stagers, electricians, plumbers…, we help sellers prepare their properties in order to maximize value and price, before listing a property on the market.

We go the extra mile for sellers with renovation consultations, inspections, staging, and the photographing of properties.

We consistently serve others in a professional and personable manner. Service over salesmanship is our hallmark.

We Partner with Other Professionals

Our extra mile does not end with property renovation for sales. We go further to connect clients with mortgage loan brokers or bankers, home loan brokers, real estate attorneys, other residential real estate agents or brokers around the San Francisco Bay Area, estate planners, wills and trust attorneys, 1031 intermediaries, tax accountants, tax attorneys, financial or wealth advisors, CPAs, accountants, home insurance agents or brokers, HR relocation professionals, divorce attorneys, marriage counselors, and family therapists. We mutually refer customers among different communities of professionals.